Based in St. Ives. Focused on Youth


The Harmony Project 2016

The Overview

The Harmony Project is a youth music initiative based in St Ives, Cornwall, aimed at furthering the musical and social development of young local musicians.

The initiative will be based on sound recording and music technology, whereupon our members will be taught how to set up and use professional studio equipment in a relaxed and encouraging environment.

This has acted as a catalyst for Flashlight to start a new initiative (The Harmony Project) that will do exactly that.

Our Background

Our organisation Flashlight St. Ives is a youth community organisation, that focuses on opening opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Flashlight has been running The Tower Music Project for the past 3 years and during this time the members have developed their musical talents hugely, to the point at which they are becoming much more independent with their musical personalities and are looking to start recording their music. 

The Plan

We are raising money to build an isolated recording room at the back of our venue, as well as equipt it with professional studio equipment.

The aim of the project is to teach members how to use this equipment in an atmosphere which encourages them to explore and experiment.

We will also encourage our members to collaborate with others, in order for them to develop greater social skills and problem solving. 

Although our main focus is on music, we predict that the project will have many great outcomes for our members, including: increased social and group working skills; better understanding of the music industry; developed musical skills; and increased life chances for young people suffering from challenging circumstances.